How to Find The Best Wedding Photographer and Videographer For You

To help you find the right photographer and videographer for your wedding we’ve compiled a top 5 list to help you in your search when choosing someone for this important service.

5. Hire a Professional

Avoid the temptation to have a family member or friend film or photograph your wedding day. It’s in your best interest to hire a professional and let Uncle Bob enjoy your wedding as just a guest. Here are just a few important reasons why!

For this once in a life time day, leave it to a professional who you can trust based off of their sample work and who you have a good feeling being around. This is someone you’ll spend an entire day with during one of the most important days of your life.

A wedding photographer and videographer is able to anticipate when and how to capture your most cherished moments, they are also familiar with how to light you and will have the right equipment to make you look your best. They will direct your posing and will make you look as natural as possible.

A professional will be focusing on getting the shots as creatively as possible while an amateur might not be prepared for the moments that happen spontaneously if they are having trouble setting up their camera.

You wouldn’t trust your dental care to an amateur so avoid this common mistake for your wedding day. Professionals have the right equipment and loads of experience!

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4. Choosing the RIGHT Professional For You

Want to know a secret? A significant factor in receiving wedding photographs and video that you both love and are happy with comes from hiring someone who you feel comfortable being around, and someone you can comfortably ask for the shots that you want. Having a photographer or videographer who you really click with will help you feel relaxed and at ease in front of the camera and can contribute to an overall wonderful experience as part of your wedding day.

Be sure to ask for examples of their work and see if the style they are offering is something that you are looking for and fits your taste and budget.

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3. Ask Questions During Your Initial Consultation

There are many large companies out there with multiple photographers and videographers as part of their team. When looking through a portfolio it’s important to be aware that the same person who shot that particular photo you love or that video you just saw may not be the same person who will show up on your wedding day. Get clarification as to whose work you are viewing and who will be there on your wedding day so there are no surprises.

Bring a list of questions with you to your consultation with a photographer or videographer, questions you both feel are important to you.

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2. What Style Of Photography or Videography Best Suits You?

There are a variety of styles out there from, natural, documentary, photo journalistic, editorial, vintage, etc. See what style best resonates with you and your partner.

Something worth mentioning and thinking about is that it’s also important to have something timeless that won’t look dated when looking back on your wedding photos and video. If a sepia-coloured video or vintage-filtered photos or video are what you love now, you may not appreciate these trends in 10-20 years.

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1. Don’t Wait To Book The Photographer or Videographer You Want

When you know, you know. Don’t wait until the last minute to book. Most companies out there book generally a year or more in advance. To avoid disappointment, don’t wait until the last few months to finalize your booking as the company you want may already be booked!

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We love answering questions and helping brides and groom get more familiar with photography and videography, feel free to get in touch for further information!

Good luck and happy wedding wedding!

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