Toronto Forest Engagement | Reka + Dan

This picturesque forest engagement was such an adventure.


We set out one evening on a lovely crisp fall day with Reka and Dan to take some pretty photos and make an engagement film. This forest engagement session was an absolute adventure with all the awesome picturesque locations we kept stumbling upon.

I just love their warm personalities so much and it was so much fun getting to know them better. I also loved how Reka looked like Red Riding Hood with her red coat in an enchanted forest. We’re super happy to have spent the afternoon with these guys and we can’t wait for their wedding this spring!


Reka + Dan’s Engagement Video from All This Happiness on Vimeo.

A Downtown Engagement Session | Laura and Don

I just loved this downtown engagement session. We had so much fun shooting by Laura and Don’s old high school.


I absolutely love Toronto downtown engagement sessions, there’s always a wonderful and interesting location right around the corner, wherever you go. For this engagement session Laura and Don wanted to shoot at their old high school, Central Technical School, a tall and beautiful building with old architecture–this is where they went to school together while dating. I just adore the idea of having an engagement location somewhere full of shared memories and in a way that’s unique to them. It must have been so nostalgic for them to revisit and sit on the very same steps, giddy with excitement, about to be married.

The warm tones of the sun, a sentimental backdrop, and some after-sunset portraits at a nearby beach. It was wonderful spending the evening with Laura and Don and hearing their story–it’s always so exciting and a very special role photographing couples in love.


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